Amongst the areas in which Aliaxis can control its environmental impact are amongst others our manufacturing and logistics process, and the materials used during manufacturing. “In 2019, we had some promising breakthroughs in our R&D and technology platforms, mainly in new materials and new products,” explains Dominique Neerinck, Chief Innovation and Technology Officer at Aliaxis.

Several Aliaxis teams worked on innovative products. These are five that are really worth mentioning:

PVC Flue Gas Venting

IPEX North America launched the System 1738 PVC, a Flue Gas Venting (FGV) solution manufactured to meet the strict quality, material and system performance requirements of the UL 1738 FGV standard for the US market.

IPEX internally developed this PVC formulation for a full range of certified pipe, fittings and termination components for a maximum flue gas temperature up to and including 65°C (149°F).

The System 1738 PVC is a safer alternative to general plumbing Drainage, Waste and Vent (DWV) PVC products often used today.

Chlorblue PE pipe

Chlorblue® is a PE100 pipe engineered to extend the service life of drinking water systems with higher water temperatures and elevated chlorine levels, compared to existing PE100 pipes.

Chlorblue® is being used in situations where the application has:

Continuous elevated water temperature
Presence of high levels of chlorine-based disinfectant chemicals
Low water acidity (pH level)
High operating pressure and velocity
Less than ideal installation conditions
Small pipe diameter/low pressure class

Blazemaster pipe & fittings

Specially formulated new standard for fire sprinkler systems, Blazemaster® lightweight pipe and fittings are made from post-chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) and is fully approved for use in NFPA 13 Light Hazard applications in both new and retrofit construction including:

High-rise buildings, including apartments and hotels
Schools and institutions
Single-family residences
Blazemaster® CPVC pipes and fittings are approved for more applications than any other nonmetallic systems, and are excellent in salt air environments and immune to microbiologically influenced corrosion.


Fluxo offers a complete range of pipes and fittings combining aluminum and synthetic materials, a technology which was invented by Nicoll in 1978 and which offers a better quality than traditional systems.

Fluxo is to be used for heating systems, as well as for cold and hot water installations. Fluxo is also perfectly suited for airco systems. The certified system offers safe and easy installation for both newly build and renovation.

The biggest advantage of Fluxo® is its flexibility. Regardless of the size of the network, or whether it is a family house or an apartment building, Fluxo allows for a fast and reliable installation.


In the course of 2019, Aliaxis Germany presented its FRIAMAT app. This application allows you to control the FRIAMAT fusion unit via a mobile phone, making the fusion process much simpler and more intuitive.

Within the app you get all fusion information at a glance, and the app allows adding extra information such as geo data, photos and comments quickly and easily. The user can also easily send selected work results by email and document them comprehensively.