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Scheduled to be fully operational by the end of 2018, the new Liège hospital building (Liège, Belgium) will provide 700 beds to house a new integrated oncology centre and 7 analysis laboratories. Its 17 floors require a total of 12 km of pipes for hot and cold water, as well as diverter valves and backwater pipes. An extra challenge stems from the need to control the risk of bacterial growth and biofilm formation, a serious threat for healthcare environments.

CPVC is one of the best materials for resisting water treatments such as chlorinated treatments which are sometimes applied in these buildings. The System’O, a CPVC pipe system manufactured by Aliaxis local business Girpi, has proved satisfactory in numerous healthcare projects across Europe over many years. The technical team from Nicoll Belgium had already established a good reputation at the Brussels Saint-Luc Hospital. They persuaded the engineering company working on the Liège project to use this CPVC pipe system. Both Nicoll and Girpi teams worked closely together on the details of the specification, delivery monitoring and on-site training of installers.

This project is an excellent example of cross-fertilisation and increases Aliaxis’ positive reputation in the hospital sector. It puts Aliaxis in a strong position for winning more renovation projects in Belgium and beyond.