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Aliaxis Olesnica (Poland) set an impressive safety record in 2019: 1,000 days without a single Lost Time Incident. “It’s a milestone that reflects just how far we’ve come in shaping a safety culture where everyone is engaged and takes action to eliminate risks in the workplace”, Daria Sobczak, Health & Safety Manager and Joanna Sakowska, Marketing Manager of Aliaxis Olesnica explain.

The Health & Safety processes Aliaxis Olesnica adopted involve employees at all levels of the organisation in activities, such as safety audits, shop floor and warehouse inspections and reporting near misses and hazards. The team’s focus on safety has led to positive shifts in attitudes, which in turn have had a direct impact on the site reaching 1,000 days without an LTI.

Safety is our priority

“Today, no one thinks that they should work safely because their boss wants them to. Instead, we prioritise safety because we value our Health & Safety processes and look out for each other. The same goes for taking a proactive approach to hazards and near misses – reporting them today puts us in a favourable position to be able to avoid them tomorrow”, Daria explains.

Inside and outside the workplace

The Health and Safety Manager continues: “By keeping lines of communication open and discussions about safety ongoing, we’ve really been able to incorporate prevention and wellbeing into our workplace culture. Moreover, it is evident that safety is a priority even outside of the workplace: we often hear colleagues talking about protecting themselves while doing housework or teaching their children to be more aware of risks in their day-to-day lives.”


The team celebrated their achievement with cupcakes. “It was an opportunity for management to thank everyone for their hard work and reinforce the commitment that has gone into achieving this impressive result”, says Daria. The team got to share their success with their community by publishing an article about our milestone in the local newspaper.

Focus on improvement

“We are all extremely proud and enthusiastic about reaching this milestone, and our focus remains on improving our safety culture and record. For the whole team at Olesnica this is a great success, and our ambition is to extend this streak as much as we can. We know Go for Zero is a journey with no fixed end. Reaching safety milestones requires continuous effort”, Daria concludes.